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    Corsair CT-9010002-WW XTM50 Thermal Compound

    £ Price @ 01/04/2024 06:06 PST- Details

    Elevate your rig’s cooling ability with this premium Zinc Oxide-based thermal compound, designed to unleash optimal thermal performance. Experience superior cooling efficiency with ultra-low thermal impedance, delivering significantly lower CPU temperatures compared to conventional thermal paste solutions.


    Keep Your CPU and GPU Cool: Whether you’re upgrading or maintaining, this thermal compound ensures efficient heat transfer, effectively lowering temperatures for both your CPU and GPU.

    Simplified Installation: Say goodbye to guesswork! Our XTM50 comes with an application stencil and spreader, making it a breeze to apply onto your CPU cooler for seamless installation.

    Seamless Thermal Transfer: With XTM50’s low-viscosity formula, it effortlessly fills microscopic abrasions and channels, maximizing thermal transfer efficiency to keep your system running at its peak.

    Longevity Guaranteed: Rest assured, XTM50 boasts a high-stability liquid compound that remains reliable for years without drying, cracking, or altering in consistency, ensuring sustained performance for your PC setup.

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