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    Terms And Conditions

    Hey there! Thanks for dropping by our website, Delidded CPUs, your go-to spot for all things delidding. Before you dive in, though, take a quick look at our rules of the game.

    Who Owns What?

    Anything cool you see here belongs to us or our licensors. You’re allowed to check it out, but no taking it for yourself.

    Play Nice

    Here’s what you can’t do:

    • Share our stuff elsewhere.
    • Try to make a buck off our stuff.
    • Show off our stuff without permission.
    • Mess with the site or other users.
    • Break the law or cause trouble.
    • Snoop around where you shouldn’t.
    • Use our site to sell stuff.
    Private Zones

    Some spots on the site are VIP only. We might lock these down even more if we feel like it. And yeah, keep your login details under wraps.

    Your Stuff

    Whatever you share with us – like videos, images, or text – becomes ours to use however we want. Just make sure it’s yours to give, okay? Oh, and we can delete anything you post without warning.

    No Guarantees

    We do our best, but sometimes stuff breaks. Don’t come crying to us if the site’s acting wonky.

    Keep it Real

    We’re not liable for any trouble you get into using our site. Whether it’s contracts or something else, it’s on you.

    Cover Our Backs

    If you mess up and we get dragged into it, you’re footing the bill. Fair’s fair.

    If One Falls, the Rest Stand

    If one part of these rules is found to be dodgy, we’ll scrap it without messing up the rest.

    Rule Changes

    We might shake things up now and then. Keep an eye out for updates. By using this Website you are expected to review these Terms on a regular basis.

    Pass the Baton

    You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent Delidded CPUs from and against any and/or all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses arising in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms. Sorry!

    The Big Picture

    These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Delidded CPUs and you in relation to your use of this Website, and supersede all prior agreements and understandings.

    Where We Stand

    These rules follow the laws of the United Kingdom. Any fights go down in the courts of United Kingdom.