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    One Enjoy Liquid Metal Thermal Paste 79 W/mK

    £ Price @ 03/04/2024 13:38 PST- Details

    Introducing One Enjoy Liquid Metal Thermal Paste, engineered for high-performance heat dissipation in CPU and GPU systems. With an impressive thermal conductivity rating of 79 W/MK, this liquid metal thermal paste ensures efficient dissipation of heat generated by your components, keeping them running optimally even under heavy loads.


    Designed for experienced users seeking top-notch performance, One Enjoy Liquid Metal Thermal Paste offers unparalleled heat dissipation capabilities. Whether you’re an overclocking enthusiast, a professional gamer, or a content creator pushing your hardware to its limits, this thermal paste delivers exceptional results, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your system.

    However, it’s essential to note that One Enjoy Liquid Metal Thermal Paste is electrically conductive. While this characteristic enhances its performance, it also presents risks if mishandled. Therefore, we recommend that beginners seek guidance from instructional resources such as YouTube tutorials or opt for non-electrically conductive thermal pastes until they gain sufficient expertise.

    Furthermore, it’s crucial to highlight that this liquid metal thermal paste must not be used with aluminium heatsinks. Mixing thermal grease with aluminium heatsinks can lead to adverse reactions, potentially damaging your hardware. For optimal results and to ensure the longevity of your system, pair One Enjoy Liquid Metal Thermal Paste with compatible heatsinks made from materials such as copper or nickel.

    Experience exceptional heat dissipation and unlock the full potential of your CPU and GPU with One Enjoy Liquid Metal Thermal Paste. Elevate your gaming experience with top-tier performance and reliability, backed by cutting-edge thermal management technology.

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    1 one enjoy

    Package dimensions

    ‎17.7 x 10.1 x 1.8 cm; 18.14 Grams

    Item model number



    ‎One enjoy

    Are Batteries Included


    Item weight

    ‎18.1 g

    Date First Available

    2 July 2019


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