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    Noctua NT-H1 SW Edition Thermal Computer Paste

    £ Price @ 01/04/2024 13:37 PST- Details

    Elevate your cooling game with our top-tier thermal compound! Trusted by enthusiasts worldwide, this premium-grade paste ensures optimal heat transfer from your CPU or GPU to the heatsink. With over 150 awards and recommendations, you know you’re getting the best.


    SW EDITION FOR EASY APPLICATION – Say goodbye to messy applications! Our SW (Spatula & Wipes) Edition comes with a convenient spatula for effortless spreading and three NA-CW1 cleaning wipes, so you can achieve perfect coverage without the need for additional cleaners or removers.

    COMPATIBLE WITH A VARIETY OF SYSTEMS – Whether you’re rocking air or liquid cooling setups, our thermal compound delivers outstanding results. Experience significantly lower temperatures compared to stock pastes on a range of hardware, including AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs, AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce GPUs, PS4/PS5, Xbox, laptops, and more.

    TRUSTED QUALITY FOR LONG-TERM PERFORMANCE – Rest assured with Noctua quality. Our thermal compound offers excellent long-term stability, with a recommended storage time of up to 3 years and a recommended usage time on the CPU or GPU of up to 5 years.

    AMPLE PACK SIZE FOR MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS – With a 3.5g pack, you’ll have enough compound for around 3 to 20 applications, depending on the CPU size. Whether you’re dealing with TR4, AM4, LGA1700, or LGA1200, we’ve got you covered.

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