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    Isopropanol Alcohol IPA 99.99% 1L

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    Isopropanol alcohol is used during delidding to clean the die and IHS surfaces, ensuring optimal contact and thermal conductivity when applying new thermal interface material. Its degreasing properties, rapid evaporation, and compatibility with electronic components make it a preferred choice for this purpose.

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    Isopropanol alcohol, commonly known as rubbing alcohol, is a popular choice for cleaning the die (the actual silicon chip) and the integrated heat spreader (IHS) during the process of delidding a CPU:

    Degreasing and cleaning: Before applying any new thermal compound, it’s crucial to remove any residues, oils, or contaminants from the surfaces of the die and IHS. Isopropanol alcohol is an effective degreaser and cleaner, capable of dissolving and removing oils, thermal pastes, and other residues without leaving behind any residue of its own. This ensures optimal contact between the new TIM and the surfaces of the die and IHS, maximizing thermal conductivity and cooling efficiency.

    Evaporative properties: Isopropanol alcohol evaporates quickly, leaving behind a clean and dry surface. This rapid evaporation minimizes the risk of moisture-related damage to sensitive electronic components, such as the delicate circuitry on the CPU die.
    Compatibility: Isopropanol alcohol is generally safe to use on electronic components, including silicon chips like those found in CPUs. It does not pose a risk of damaging the die or other components when used appropriately.

    Isopropanol Alcohol can be used before delidding, it’s common practice to clean the surface of the CPU package to remove any dust, debris, or previous thermal compounds. Isopropanol alcohol can be used at this stage to ensure a clean starting point. Once the IHS is removed, both the die and the underside of the IHS need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any existing thermal compound. Isopropanol alcohol is used here to degrease and clean these surfaces before applying new thermal compound. After applying the new thermal compound, it’s recommended to clean any excess compound that may have spread beyond the die or IHS. Isopropanol alcohol can be used to remove excess compound without damaging surrounding components.

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