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    ALECPEA 30g Silicone Glue – Fast-Bonding

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    After applying the new thermal interface material (e.g., liquid metal) onto the CPU die, the IHS is carefully aligned and lowered onto the die. Silicone glue is then applied around the perimeter of the IHS to secure it in place. The CPU is typically left to cure for a certain period to allow the silicone glue to fully set and create a strong bond between the die and the IHS.

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    Silicone glue, often referred to as RTV (Room-Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone adhesive, is commonly used to reattach the integrated heat spreader (IHS) to the CPU die after delidding. Silicone glue has several beneficial properties, making it an ideal choice for the relidding part of the process:

    Secure attachment – One of the primary functions of silicone glue during relidding is to securely bond the IHS back onto the CPU die. This ensures that the IHS remains firmly in place during operation, providing mechanical stability to the CPU package.

    Shock absorption – Silicone glue can act as a shock-absorbing layer between the CPU die and the IHS. This can help dampen any mechanical stresses or vibrations that the CPU may experience during operation, potentially reducing the risk of damage to the delicate silicon die.

    Flexibility – RTV silicone adhesive remains flexible after curing, allowing for some degree of thermal expansion and contraction between the CPU die and the IHS. This flexibility helps accommodate temperature fluctuations during normal operation without compromising the integrity of the bond.

    Electrical insulation – While not its primary purpose, silicone glue also provides electrical insulation between the conductive components of the CPU die and the conductive metal surface of the IHS. This helps minimize the risk of electrical shorts that could potentially damage the CPU.

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    ‎40 g

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    ‎14.6 x 9.4 x 2.4 cm; 40 Grams

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    ‎Silicone Glue

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    ‎Dries Clear, Cold Resistant, Fast Drying, Strong, Washable

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    23 Nov. 2023




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