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    Delidded CPUs

    Direct Die Cooling With The Noctua NM-DD1

    Prepare to delve into the realm of advanced CPU cooling with the game-changing innovation brought to you by Noctua – direct-die cooling.

    Traditionally, achieving direct contact between the cooler’s cold plate and the CPU die(s) has been the ultimate goal for maximizing cooling efficiency. This involves removing the CPU’s integrated heat spreader (IHS), skipping the ‘relidding’ step of the delidding process. However, as you’ll well know, delidding comes with risks, including voiding your warranty and potentially damaging your precious CPU – running with an exposed die even more so.

    But fear not! Noctua, in collaboration with renowned overclocker Roman “der8auer” Hartung, has devised a solution to revolutionize your cooling setup. Introducing the NM-DD1 spacers, specially designed to work with Noctua coolers and delidded AMD Ryzen AM5 CPUs. These spacers, strategically placed beneath the cooler’s fastening brackets, ensure optimal thermal contact without risking damage to the CPU die.


    Noctua doesn’t stop there – they’ve also introduced an offset mounting kit, allowing you to fine-tune the positioning of your heatsink for even better cooling performance. By shifting the heatsink to exert maximum pressure on the main CCD, you can achieve remarkable temperature reductions, enhancing your gaming and overclocking experience.

    And the best part? Noctua offers the direct-die kit at an incredibly affordable price, making high-performance cooling accessible to all. Additionally, Noctua are even offering a 3D printable version of the kit for the true DIY enthusiast.

    Furthermore, alongside the innovative spacers, Noctua offers an offset mounting kit tailored for AM5 coolers, compatible with the direct-die setup. These offset kits strategically reposition the heatsink 7mm below the IHS, ensuring optimal pressure distribution directly onto the primary CCD. This adjustment can lead to an approximate temperature improvement of 2 degrees Celsius. According to the company’s CEO, combining both the offset and direct-die kits has resulted in temperature reductions of up to 20 degrees Celsius in observed cases.

    However, it’s essential to approach direct-die cooling with caution. While Noctua’s spacer kit significantly reduces the risk of damage, tinkering with your CPU still requires careful handling. So, before you embark on this overclocking journey, ensure that you’re prepared to navigate the potential challenges, read our ultimate delidding guide, and reap the rewards of superior cooling performance. So, if you’re ready to take the plunge, do so with caution – and prepare to witness epic temperature drops that even the coolest upgrades can’t match!

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